by Sierra Nicole

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released October 14, 2016



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Sierra Nicole Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Unhinge
You're scent's still splattered on my sheets
But I know you'll soon forget me
Undress the lies take away the heat
I could finally see we were slowly dying
You're the cause of my anxiety
When all I want is to be happy
Wrap your fingers 'round my growing tree
Lock me in a chokehold and call it loving

So I'll unhinge my hooks
Set you free
We both know
We were running on empty
I had forgotten love is not for me
Love is a life I'll never lead

We face the city fire
I'm crawling towards the light
You watch me burn
But you're lifeless anyway
It's not in my cards
I'm sorry I built you up
Kept you locked in the dungeon
To keep you from lovin' someone else

I'm fallin' down
But I brought it upon myself
Track Name: My World
Your world was exotic
Frightened and intriqued
I saw the beauty behind it
Through your overgrown field

My world has its darkness
A city of black
But people come from all over
To see the center

I’ve grown a tree so high
Its beauty is worth
The journey of dark
I’ve built a little garden with flowers and things
But you cut them, take them, and go
(But i’m putting up a fence for you now)

I showed you my secret passages
My little garden in between
People fall in love when i show them
But you take one look and leave
How could you not fall in love with me

Oh i can’t help i’m pretty
And i can’t help i’m kind
Care about happiness of others
But you’re so blind to it all
Track Name: The Broken Ones
If you could see, if you could see me
If you could see through my eyes
The different lives I’ve led
And the impact they’ve had
Would you see my sad eyes?
Every time i had to say goodbye
And all the souls i’ve left behind

We are the broken ones
With shattered hope
We are the strong ones
That feed your soul

Would you see healed wounds
When i’m at war with myself
A strong girl who’s haunted by someone else
Would you see and outstretched hand
My attempt to heal
A worn out face and a beautiful soul

I’m a survivor of the worst kind of madness
I’m a survivor you can’t drain my goodness
Track Name: Lightyears Away
I used to look up at the sky
And wish for something more
But now that i’ve travelled the world
I’ve seen things I’ve never seen before

One day I'm cutting these ties
I'll be on my own
Free from the lies
And able to grow
Selflessly digging
Through an infinite hole
But for now I'm lightyears away

We used to hold the greatest parties
No spaces left between
But now happiness leaves early
And loneliness is lingering

We’re in a new age
All we talk about is ourselves
We are laughing at each other
'Cause we all think we know better
Track Name: Drifted Away
I held your hand
When you ceased to come to
Don’t be scared
I’ll be right here
When you decide to let go

When you went cold
My mama said
My sweet girl
My best friend
It’ll be alright
Remember the lake
When we were the world
But now you’ve drifted away

Crashing cars on the fourth of July
It was kind of funny but scary at the time
Champagne and caviar
Classiest lady i ever saw
Cherry pits
How far we’d spit
Thats what i hold on to

I remember
Track Name: Happy Place
I remember picking you from the crowd
Awkward hellos and goodbyes
I’d still see you in the corner of my eye
I’d ask who’s that boy i found
That makes my head spin round and round
Stealing glances until we fell

To our happy place
A warm embrace
I fell for you
You were my home
I was home
Safe and sound
I was your queen
Till you gave up your crown

If I died would it be enough
To make you realize what you felt was love
A puppet on a string
I let you controlled me
I gathered hope from simple things
From stealing glances that once
Solved everything

I’ve shattered pictures on the wall
But i still leave one to remember it all
Feel like i’m sitting on a throne of lies
A fairytale seen through my eyes
I know that you aren’t left to blame
I gave my heart to the enemy
Track Name: You're All the Same
Roll in with the clouds
Rain on my awakening
You thought you were good
You thought you provided
But all i’m reminded of

Is when you walked away
Of my life and never changed
And every boy i meet
Reminds me you’re all the same

I always knew you were a fake
When you’d come around it was wrong
Stay only a couple weeks
Then hop on the plane back to your loved one

Somehow the one’s i’ve loved
It was decided they weren’t good enough
Life taken at the flick of of a wrist
Those were the people i needed

but i’m putting myself back together
piece by piece no matter the weather
Track Name: You Are the Wind
By the grace of god
I’ll help you to it
I’ll lift you up
And we’ll get through it
Though you might be alone in midair
They cannot catch you
Cuz you are the wind

I march to a different drum
You reel me in when i come undone
Am i stuck in this room
Or is this really freedom?

Winter’s snow, cold lies
Brittle bones, these hearts hide
I’ve burned bridges with people who’ve helped me up
But i don’t have time for people who've wrong me once
Track Name: That Much To Me
Watch me grow
Into who I will be
Just take one step
Watch my sickness leave me

But when he lay there dying
And I crippled at my knees
He said you really never meant
That much to me

This sickly body
Is merely a spell
But I'm still living
Longer than you memory ever will!

Don't give in too easy
Or they'll think you're easy
Track Name: Our Hearts
I see colors in your eyes
They sparkle at me
We watch the sunrise
But your reflection's all I see

No one else compares
To the love we share
They won't see the lights of our hearts
Glowing, Growing

You are hungry
For savory meat
You are intoxicated
By your brittle bones
Track Name: That's Just Who I Am
I like to decorate my heart in time for tea
It makes for a beautiful disaster no one sees
And when everybody's left I take off my party dress
And see a little lonesome girl starin' back at me

We all like to fall apart when we are broken
We try to 'scape these prison walls but crawl back to them
Once flying sparrows, attack like spears and arrows
That's just who I am

I like to have little picnics in the park
Florals and pinks, delicious sweets to warm up my heart
But when the clouds roll in, I'm reminded of the sins
That keep me coming back to the park

I feel like a ticking time bomb
Hanging by a thread
Go on release the hounds now
Drag me back to the snow globe
Track Name: Spreading the Light
My daddy was a confident asshole
Met with the devil, sold his soul
He was a room full of fire, I was white snow
Kicking up stones, an experimental pattern

I'm spreading the light
As far as it shines

Sometimes I ride the metro to the end of the line
People watching, killing time
I’m just a ghost, invisible
Hearing people talk about their lives

It doesn’t matter what the room look like
Humans can make walls come alive
Wrapped arms around me, I am home
Silhouettes try to drown me but i hold on
Track Name: Supposed To Be
Yesterday i opened my cabinet and gazed at remorse
Popped not 1 not 2 but 3
'Cause i was feeling a little guilty
As i laid up in my bed
Made of paralyzing clay
I then hopped up on the rooftop
Hoping to fly away

We all feel a little guilty
We all feel a little pain too
It’s okay to be a little troubled
As long as you hop on that train
That leads you where you’re supposed to be

I opened up my cabinet and gazed up at the shelf
Popped not 1 not 2 but 3
A little dose of happy to get me through the day
I put on my face, draw on a smile
'Cause like it or not nobody likes someone withering away

I know i play the victim
And you’re sick and tired
But you’ll soon be a victim soon
Of your own sweet demise

So I open up my cabinet, an oraay staring back at me
Pop not 1 not 2 but 3 of each
And i float into the sea
Track Name: Shake This
The war is over
And you’re not coming back
We hold on to memories
In silence
You’ve heard the best of me
You’ve seen the worst

But I can’t shake this love

It’s a beautiful disaster
And i’m sorry for my sins
Can we just go home
Please take care of me
So that i don’t forget to live

The war is over
And you’re not coming back
We hold on to memories
In silence
Track Name: Chasing Monsters (Live)
Seven pounds, eight ounces
I was big but still growin' yeah
A shy and little girl I came to be
Never listened to but carried

Took my temperature and found
They could not stop the fire
In my soul
Tried to blend in 'cause I was different
But when puberty hit no opinion
Mattered to me

'Cause when Earth's gravity pulls you down
Just fly up in a rocket where nothing's loud
I used to hide away and wait for the end
But now I'm chasing monsters
Under my bed

They told me I was dumb but I had talent
Is that an insult or a compliment?
Well that's settling and ballast
When life gives you lemons eat a grape
You counter the sourness
We all taste